Landscape Lighting Tips

Landscape Lighting Tips:

  1. There is no single type of exterior light fixture that can perform all lighting needs in the garden. Light layering is a design method in which a number of different light sources are blended together to create a cohesive and inviting design.
  2. Put together a planting plan, an outdoor furniture layout and an outdoor kitchen design, along with sculpture or water feature locations, before attempting to create a lighting design. The lighting should relate to the way the outdoor spaces are going to be used.

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General Lighting Tips

Modern Lighting – Lighting Tips (Provided By Hinkley Lighting)

1. “When choosing decorative fixtures, consider the architectural style of your home an the interior design elements you wish to complement. Fixtures should be appropriate to the time period the house was built and its overall styling, whether Arts & Crafts or Colonial or Modern. Consider scale as well, making sure that the fixture is in proper proportion to the space it is illuminating and nearby architectural elements such as corbels and doors. “ – Amy Elbert, Senior Architect Editor, Traditional Home

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